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Madame Mao's Dowry Studio

Lane 820 Julu Lu House 6

Shanghai China


+(86) 21 54033551

+(86) 17302176770

wechat ID: MadameMaos


We have a significant collection of Mao Period propaganda posters, mostly from the Cultural Revolution period. At around 2,000 posters, ours may not be the largest collection in Shanghai, but we are happy to guarantee every poster we sell to be original to the period and offer all of our customers a certificate so that you can exchange or return any poster you have cause to beleive is not authentic.


We know there are plenty of fake posters out there, probably more so in Shanghai than anywhere else, so we like to assure you that we have used our judgement and experience to ensure that you are actually getting what you think you are paying for!


We also helpfully translate into English all of the text that appear on each poster, including the slogan, any names of the artists, the place and date of printing.


You will see some posters displayed on the walls of our store and once inside you will find more on our poster stand. If you are interested in browsing further don't stop there as we have many more stored in our artwork drawers and our staff are always ready and willing to give them an airing on request.


You can follow the link here to an Imageshack album to see more images from our collection. You can also email us for more information or for our introductory brochure.


We also now have a website to help with your research on propaganda posters. If you'd like to see images of many of our posters past and present visit

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