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Madame Mao's Dowry Studio

Lane 820 Julu Lu House 6

Shanghai China


+(86) 21 54033551

+(86) 17302176770

wechat ID: MadameMaos

Peddler's Gin

A design product that you drink, Peddler's Gin not only looks beautiful but tastes great too. Inspired, they say, by Shanghai’s vibrant underground culture: a diverse community of creators and artists, merchants and musicians, who push the boundaries of their craft. Sounds like us, right.


Made in China, just outside Shanghai, and distilled using a crafted collection of botanicals all sourced from China including Buddha''s hand, juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root and Sichuan pepper. Their concept connects with  premium imported gins like Sipsmith and The Botanist, which led the call for gin to be made with botanicals indigenous to the country or area in which it is produced and foraging ingredients from the wild. The difference is that applying this approach in China gave Peddler's the opportunity to takes advantage of a vast array of distinctive natural ingredients to make a gin like no other.


“We really wanted to connect our gin with Chinese botanicals,” co-founder Ryan McLeod explains. “Ginseng, lotus, all sorts of roots and teas.”


Another Shanghai first in the design field.

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