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Madame Mao's Dowry

207 Fumin Lu

Shanghai China


+(86) 21 54033551

+(86) 17302176770

wechat ID: MadameMaos

Glass Balls

Lui Hulan, Young Mao, Fitness: women
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Li Feng, Happy New Year, Fitness: men
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Shanghai Bund
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Happy New Year, Li Feng
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hero series
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fitness series
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padded boxes
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Painting glass on the inside is a traditional craft that we use to produce these decorative balls that look great as christmas ornaments. Every year in the autumn we design 3 or 4 new images featuring either revolutionary propaganda or scenes of Shanghai so that they are hot off the press in time for the festive season. Each year we include a Mao Period Hero in our selection and, with these, we put a description of her or his exploits that earnt the official title of Hero inside the box just in case you've forgotten these legends.

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